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We are starting up the New Year with all kids back into homeschooling.  Tomorrow is going to be our first day back.  I certainly have ideals as far as curriculum goes, but we’re filling in blanks here.  This is the plan for the rest of this school year.

One thing I have decided from here on out, is to buy non-consumable curriculum when possible.  Multi-level and non-consumable is an ideal.  I wish that existed in every subject.  It doesn’t.

I have loved and enjoyed Jac Kris Publishing for all our language for the last three years.  Sadly, I just don’t want to have that annual cost anymore.  I have landed on Rod and Staff for writing and grammar.  I’m excited to see how that works out.  Isabel will be the first to try.  We still have enough of the older curriculum for the rest of the little ones this year.

Saxon math is so great.  I love the daily review, and the self-teaching style of new concepts.  I still go through the lesson with each child, but if they forget a part or just need to see it again everything is laid out.  There are daily drills, which I think is very important.  Repetition is a great tool.  There is a need to buy the workbooks each year, but the texts are reusable.  I like this math so much.  I’m willing to buy the workbooks each year.

I had bought Apoligia Science during the summer and we never used it.  We are all eager to start the Astronomy book.  I love that this is multi-level.  We are not buying the notebooks, so it’s also non-consumable.  We will just use a composition book, and make our own.

Geography will be light, but we’re going to start the Expedition Earth from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  I chose World Geography so that we can pick out countries that are directly in-line with what we’ll be learning in History.  This covers most grades.  It’s consumable.  I will need to print activity pages for each child.

Mystery of History Volume One will be coming our way soon.  I’m beyond thrilled to start this.  It goes chronologically mixing Biblical and secular history.  I can’t tell you how great this is to me.  Talk about relieving the confusion between these two, and showing the relationship of them.  This is also multi-level and non-consumable, K-12.  There are four volumes in all.  From creation to the capture and death of Bin Laden.

Spelling Power is also a K-12 Spelling book, non-consumable.  I plan on getting that as soon as the budget allows.  There are worksheet to print occasionally.

What are your favorite curriculum picks for multi-level teaching?  Have you tried any of the mentioned picks?  What did you like or not like about them?

Pass the coffee and chocolate.  I’m a full-time teacher again.

7 thoughts on “multi-leveled and non-consumable curriculum

  1. Tara says:

    Hey Jennee,
    We have used Story of the World for history. While it seems a little lacking for older students, there are many recommended books that we get from the library to accommodate them. I do like it because I can use it for 3 out of my 5; and if I wanted to the younger ones could listen and do the coloring sheet.
    I’ve also had success with Spelling Power so far. I like that they don’t waste time on words they know.
    Apologia has been great! It’s one that I wish we had started using much earlier on.
    IEW – Institute for Excellence in Writing I use that for AHK and ECK and they actually really like it.
    Glad you’re back at it ;)


  2. Bethany says:

    I’ve only tried Saxon Math of those you have mentioned. It is very easy to follow as the teacher, but the workbooks and reviews and practices for the kids are extremely tiresome and tedious, long and drawn out, in my opinion. Not only for my boys, but for me too. The way that Saxon does it is the circular learning, where they review everything ALL the time, so then your work load is more and more and more. I’ve worked with my boys with Saxon from Kindergarden through 3rd grade. It is VERY time consuming and I don’t think it’s very good when you have multiple grade levels to teach, especially if the students need lots of help. If your kids do well with working on their own, it might be worth it, but if not (as in the case of my boys), it may not be worth it. I’m really thinking of switching so that the math I have will be more conducive to teaching multiple grade levels, and not so time consuming.

    But I will always say, try different things, see what works for your family, because what works for you and your kids, may not work for me and my kids. All families need different styles, and you and your kids might thrive with Saxon Math! I pray God give you wisdom and ways to find multi level, non consumable work!!! Love you all!


    • vintagemamasew says:

      Thank you Bethany. When you move to 4th in Saxon, they are like teaching texts. Isabel needs very little help. I agree with the length, but Isabel does require lots of review. She seems to forget everything she isn’t doing. You might try Math U See. I thought of that, but decided to go with Saxon. I have heard of many people liking that, including one of my friends who is a homeschool grad.

      I appreciate your points. I’m not sure this will be an issue with us (parent student time) since we have implemented the workbox system. I’ll keep those points in mind though. You never know how the future will play out.


  3. Nicole says:

    We use My Fathers World for the bulk of our curriculum. It is multi level, but consumable. I need to look into Saxon math. We are using Singapore but I’m not really in love with it. I do however love Spelling Power! Best of wishes for your semester :)


  4. Ashley says:

    We are doing the Apologia Astronomy this year too. Love it. We’ve loved all of their elementary science that we’ve done.

    We’ve been using dance mat typing (free online) and xtra math (also free online, you just have register) and find both very helpful.

    And of course, we love the library. Besides piles of books, I’ve been getting Julia Child’s cooking show DVDs and we call it Home Ec. ;)


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