josie’s first surgery

Wednesday AM is Josie’s first surgery.  I had high hopes that when we first found out about all the complications that can happen with her form of Dwarfism, she would be one of the lucky few who wouldn’t need surgery.

Years later, I find myself almost relieved that she is getting surgery.  She is quite knock-kneed, and has frequent pain because of it.  A decade or so ago, this type of procedure would involve splitting the bone in her knees and placing metal plates in place.  Thankfully, she is not getting this type.  She is getting Eight Plates put in.  I think it’s a fascinating way of using her growth pattern to guide the knees to a straighter position.  How cool it that?  Using mother nature to her advantage, this surgery in a one night stay at the hospital, and an expected recovery time of 1-2 weeks.  Amazing!

She will likely be getting screws put in her hips the stabilize that area too.  This will be decided the AM of the surgery, when up-to-the-minute X-Rays are taken.

Josie is pretty excited for this as well.  I’m sure that as she enters the room she will feel scared and overwhelmed, but right now she’s happy that her future will involve less pain.

So, if you would be so kind as to pray for our Josie we would be ever grateful. She will certainly be uncomfortable and limited in movement.  Thank you so much friends.  Have a wonderful few days, as I will be busy tending to my girl.

I have had many offers from friends to help in any way I need.  I feel so blessed to have so many people in our lives that truly care.  Thank you to you all as well.

2 thoughts on “josie’s first surgery

  1. Tammie Jones says:

    Sending lots of prayers for Josie and a speedy recovery. This is amazing being able to read and connect with you all. Love you all so much


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