on a walk





A week or so ago, Nick went to gather wood for the winter. He took the older two, which left me with the three younger. After a rather mundane day, I decided to take them for a walk down the road. It’s a quick one mile. We have recently been very into our family walks. Olivia normally gets suddenly tired and uncooperative as soon as we head out the drive way.

This day was no different.

Despite my urge to call it quits, we walked on. I did a bit of photography along the way. Even though she was crying and carrying on behind me, I kept on. She can be so silly. She talks about the walks as though she loves them. Once she’s actually walking, her quittin’ side shows up. I love her to pieces, but things can be “challenging” with her at times.

About the last tenth of a mile I decided enough was enough. Since I was already walking slowly, I told her this may be the only chance she has to beat me at a race.

Post-op mom basically hobbled quickly to the finish line, leaving miss Liv far ahead for the first place champ. Her spirit was lifted, and I’ll be darned if she didn’t have a fun walk.

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