It’s not often I can say that a parenting book changed the way I viewed parenting. In fact, I’ve spent several hours of my life reading “Christian” books on parenting. The Strong-Willed Child, To Train up a Child, Babywise, ect. You get the picture. None of these books really speak to the heart of a mother. They are all designed to give you a formula on how-to. The problem with that is the formula falls apart. The child has special needs, the mom gets exhausted following structures, none of them assume that God have given a mother instincts for her children. Are they based on prayer or reliance on Jesus…no! Are they giving structures for how God deals with us? They do not speak from a gracious, nurturing perspective; but a view of a totalitarian parent. They are written from a follow-this-and-you-will-have-a-perfect-child mentality. This is not reality. Thank goodness Desperate is on the market. Don’t we just need to be refreshed sometimes? It’s like having a cup of tea with a friend who’s telling you, “You can do this, God is with you”.

For the mom who is exhausted, spent, drowning in a sea of laundry, feeling like a failure because the others moms have it all together, wanting so badly to please her Lord in her role, not understanding why it doesn’t work for her kid, feeling like some days she doesn’t want to be a mom (*gasp*), where is the realistic book? Where is there encouragement? Where are the mom’s who aren’t pretending and who are real? Who will speak truth into the heart of a desperate mom? This book does! Finally the encouragement Christians should be giving each other. Coming along, encouraging, banding together, speaking love and truth, the Titus 2 format.

I just finished this book. Laying in bed for several days can do that. I finally feel better. Now, I am encouraged in my spirit. I’m ready to dive into my role as mama with a renewed sense of perspective. A godly minded intention for parenting. A fresh mind. I hope you get this book and let the encouraging words rest on your heart. God created our roles as moms to bring joy into our lives and our homes.

I receive not perks for plugging this book. I merely share this in hopes that you will benefit from it as I have. Have a wonderful weekend friend.

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