Today, I got my gallbladder removed. I’ve never had surgery before. I learned, or more accurately re-learned, that God is so gracious and good.

Did you know he cares deeply about all the details of your life? I could’ve been scared, but I wasn’t.

Afterwards, the doctor informed me that my gallbladder was “ugly”. It was chronically inflamed, and there were so many stones that he couldn’t count them all. What? Thank you Jesus from protecting me from an emergency!

As I lay in this not-so-glamorous state, drinking salt-less broth, I am once again finding myself blessed, protected, and thankful. He gave me peace, He guided the surgeon’s hand, He surrounded me with people who care for me.

Is it because I deserve it? No, just because He can.

I pray this for you. No matter what you’re going through now, I pray you see the blessings.

This next week I will be healing. I will be reading, knitting, and praying I never forget the feeling of His presence in my life.

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