apple butter


There are so many apple butter recipes out there, that it’s nearly pointless to tell you another. I will, however share with you my method.
First, I fill a crock pot of sliced, cored apples.IMG_0894

I cook this on high for around 6 hours. Lunch time is a goo time to start this.

Once they’re nice and soft, I drain the water out, and peel the skins off. You can skip the skinning part if you cored and peeled with a fancy “apple corer peeler”. If you have an extra one of those, send it to me :)

This is when I add sugar, spices ect.

Cook over night on the “low” setting. It will get dark brown.

In the AM, take the lid off. Stir. Turn on “high” for a couple of hours, or until thick.

While this is cooking, I throw my jars and lids in the dishwasher to sanitize them. By the time the apple butter’s done, the jars are clean and hot.

Scoop butter into jar, wipe rim clean, put on the lid and band. Repeat until all apple butter is gone. The bits of leftovers go straight into my mouth. If you have self-control, put them in the frig for immediate use.


What to do with apple butter: use as jelly, pour over vanilla ice cream, use as a fruit dip, add to oatmeal cookie, put on oatmeal. What are some of the ways you use apple butter?

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