plans change


We were planning on going to church this morning.  We were also planning on have water running through our pipes.  Weatherman said it would be 11 degrees last night.

It was 7 degrees at eight o’clock AM.

Kids got sick.

Waterline at the pump house froze. That one tiny one that hid, and didn’t get wrapped, of coarse!

Once I knew we weren’t going to church I had grand plans of catching up on the mountain of laundry accumulated by stripping beds down.

Kind of hard to wash with no water.

Time to count blessings.  Wood stove warming us up.  Gallon of water hidden in the pantry.  Hot water heated before the water went out.  Coffee made before water went out.  Dishes got done last night.

Biggest blessing…the kids recreating church at home.  Complete with music, teaching, and craft.


Plans change.  I am learning I shouldn’t be a nut about it.  Be flexible.  Flexibility is a learned virtue.  I’m positive that, in the future, I’ll have plenty more opportunities the bend and not break.  By His grace, I pray I will.

For now, I will decidedly enjoy the moments that are created by unforeseen obstacles.

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