let’s talk!

It’s been entirely too long since there has been a significant post here.  Sorry.  I missed having a place to unload the multitude of thoughts swirling in my head.  I missed documenting moments I don’t want to forget.  I missed having a way to keep friends and family “in-the-know”.  I missed (most assuredly) a place to share things I find helpful and meaningful.  Most of all, I really missed you!  I really did.  You readers are some encouraging and inspiring people.  It’s nice to know (for a “talker”) that someone actually wants to listen.  You choose to listen and I appreciate your support ever so much.  Thank you.

I have an announcement to make…I will no longer be blogging about 7 Grace Farm separately.  I will not delete the blog, and there will still be a link to it in the side bar for a while, but I’m paring down on the scattering of my brain and focusing on one blog.  This one.  I will certainly let you know all about our continuing adventure in homestead…here.

It’s good to be back.

5 thoughts on “let’s talk!

  1. debgeise says:

    I”m new to blogging and I don’t even know if I set mine up correctly but it’s nice to write to someone with the same interests. My children are grown but I to homeschooled mine. My baby is turning 21 on Wednesday and I’m wondering where the time went. Looking forward to reading your blog.


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