homeschooling with toddlers




I will start with saying this, the key to homeschooling children when you have toddlers is options.  Small children have very short attention spans, as you well know, so having plan “A” and “B” is not enough– have A-Z ready, and at arms reach.

What we do to entertain the little ones in our house changes all the time.

I have shared about busy bags before.  That’s what most of our options are now.  I try to add a few new ones every month.

I’ll share with you how our typical day of homeschool looks with a toddler.

We start each day with notebooks.  You can stick just about anything in them.  From coloring pages, to ripping out sections from preschool work books, to utilizing the seemingly endless amount of online printables…truly, the options for making up a preschool notebook are overwhelming.

Once the kids are bored done with those we move to the busy bags/trays I mentioned above.  Here are some examples of what that can look like:

Do-a-dot pages are new here.  I found a set of Do-a-dot paint 50% off at Staples.  I found a couple of sites with free printables for the pictures. A huge volume of pattern block mats are located  here.  If you haven’t any pattern blocks, you can print a set over at Sistermommies.  I laminated mine, but you could use sheet protectors also.
Desmond loves these Car Mats I found.  This site also has number and letter car mats.

These are just a few ideas from a vast ocean of activities that are FREE and FUN for toddlers.  I didn’t even point out the other helpers, such as plain ole coloring, cutting practice, play dough, reading from special “school” picture books, and educational movies.

I truly wish that I would have figure out this system soon than last year.  When a child completes one activity, I hand them another.  This is so helpful for times when the older schooled children need my help.  Everyone sits and keeps busy the entire time.  Essential to the happiness of mama during school is having a plan and a structure.  I love that they all are learning something even though I don’t directly teach them all at the same time.

Hope that helps all you homeschoolers out there.  You certainly don’t have to follow exactly what others do, but having an array of ideas is perfect for finding what will work for your little ones.


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