free family camping

About a month ago, while my mom was visiting, Nick built a fire pit.  If you have a fire pit, then surely you must roast marshmallows and sleep in the camper right?  The kids enjoyed some good daddy time in this fashion, while mom and I retreated inside for plenty of late night talking.

(Here I would like to say the for all you unbelievers out there…the laundry fairy is real, I assure you.  Thanks mommy!)

Since then, Nick and the kids have slept in the camper a few more times.

We did this in our own yard.  I mean, 20 acres?  Why pack up and travel and cook by flashlight?  Well, mostly we have just been too busy to get away.  This idea Nick came up with was a great one.

I admit I didn’t sleep in the camper once.  I stole away inside to read in silence.  It was great for everyone.

What are some of your favorite family fun ideas?

I can’t wait for the birds to fly south.  Living so close to their winter home conservatory of the Sandhill Cranes will call for family walks in our Autumn future.

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