do something about it

Do you have a secret bucket list of ultimate dream life goals?  Even if it’s just a mental one, I seem to add to mine all the time.  Since we move to The Farm, something inside me awoke.  The cheesy saying that “dreams come true” it suddenly real to me.  I felt inspired and blessed to know that God sometimes puts those dreams inside us for a reason.

I fell in love with creative writing as a Freshmen in high school.  A very sweet English teacher took interest in me, and saw something I didn’t know I had.  I was living in Las Vegas (and as such I can say it is  “The City of Sin”) and I was a lost and somewhat lonely child.  It wasn’t at all easy to make friends.  As a teen I often struggled with expressing myself acceptably.  I found writing was my outlet for emotional overload.

This weekend I thought I’d start down the road of writing again.  This time to glorify the Lord and not myself.  He gave me this gift and I want to use it in the way He wants.  So, I have a little gift, I have a little dream, and now I’m going to do something about it.  I have NO idea what will happen with it, but if nothing else we will enjoy it.

The point of the Josie Bean books is to bring awareness about dwarfism, and encourage Little People, and especially children, that LP’s are everything that average sized people are, they just do things different.  There are extra challenges, but a wonderful and full life ahead for Josie who is fearfully and wonderfully made.

So, my pen will continue.  These things take some time.  I hope that in the months to come I can show more.

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