josie and her shades

It’s been awhile since I did an update on Josie’s health and progress.  It’s time for all her yearly screenings, and we’re inching our way through them.  Earlier this month she went to a pediatric ophthalmologist to get her eyes dilated and checked for detaching retinas and overall form and function.  I’m so glad to report that she checked out just fine!  On the way home I took this picture of her.  She fell fast to sleep with her goofy little glasses on.  They glasses broke that very day and she asked me with such a glitter in her eyes, “Can a please have more glasses for my birthday?  Pink ones!”

How can I deny them to such a cute and happy face?  In case you care to know Target has sunglasses for kids in the dollar section this month.  Wish granted.

Soon will come updates on bone development and sleep apnea studies.  So much fun, those doctor appointments.  Perhaps the waiting rooms will produce an opportunity to sneak out those knitting needles.  I hope, for my sanity, they do.

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