ut ohh…someone got a laminator

I must say I am enjoying all the organization that comes with it.  Also, it’s a great tool for homeschooling.

For the kids I have laminated printable learning games and flash cards, signs, and chore charts– which I cross off and wipe clean as needed.

There is almost no more wasted paper around here.  My compulsive list-making is easily wiped cleaned and ready for the next week.  I absolutely love it for meal plans and chores.

I plan on finding several more uses for laminating.  Husband was recently heard saying, “Okay, now you’re just laminating to laminate.”

I have no defense for this statement, except the one he had made the day before, “Every self-respecting home school needs a laminator.”

And if I have one should I not use it to it’s fullest potential?  I think I should, and I shall.

We have the Purple Cow Hot & Cold Laminator which we purchased at Costco Wholesale for $20.00.  It came with 100 sleeves in three sizes.

Do you have a laminator?  Do consider it.

*Chore charts and lists are from Organizing Life as Mom*

3 thoughts on “ut ohh…someone got a laminator

  1. Nicole Hutchison says:

    I have this same laminator and LOVE it. It is a must have with 130 students. Everything must be reusable. I can’t believe I didn’t tell you about this lifesavers sooner. I imagine the damage done by you in a year :)


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