thankful on the farm: mornings

After three attempts and three 80 lb bags of cement, we finally have a sturdy clothes line.  Something I am extremely grateful for.  We’re  learning lots of new skills at the farm.  Some go smoothly the first time, some need tweaking or starting over.  I’m very glad to have a husband I work well with.  Even if things get tense and we don’t agree on the plan, we’ve learned to be respectful enough to get through the project without a fight.  We are a great team.
Life is popping up all around us.  I am trying to find and capture all the memories and blessings that are unfolding here.  We’re tired, but it’s worth it.  Sometimes in the early morning I have to remind myself, “This is your dream, get up and live it.”
Do you get yourselves pep talks too?
I need that.  I’ve never been a “morning person”.  It’s been surprising to me how easily I’ve adjusted though.  I really enjoy the wee hours of quiet.  I usually say all of 5 words for the first two hours after rising, “Morning girls” and “Luke get inside”.
On a particularly exciting day I may also add, “Agnus, no!” as she trys to escape the pen when Poke A Dot is being let out to get milked.  More often than not it’s a matter of repeating “Luke get inside” that makes the early day more wordy.
Mostly it’s just super quiet.  Very much opposite to the rest of the day.
I do really enjoy having a long time of reading my Bible and praying.  As, a mother I definitely need that easy quiet beginning to a long and busy day.  I’m very much enjoying the rhythm of our new life…even if it begins at 5:30 AM.

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