keepin’ it real

As the rest of the country is on summer break, we here at the farm are beginning our schooling again.  People often ask me if we do school “all year”.  The answerProofread Writing is, yes.

We break often, as we see fit.  We don’t usually do school if anyone is sick.  Sometimes we have other things to do around the house.  This was the reason for our four-week break during the move.  Basically that was our “summer break”.

So long as we’re keepin’ it real here, I’ll let you in on a little secret.  It aint always fun to home school. *gasp*  It’s true.  During these times I remind myself that it would be just like this doing homework with them after school.  Can you relate?

Even if you’re not a homeschooling family, I’m sure you know precisely what I’m talking about.

Here’s the reality of what can happen during school…

…Sometimes we’re very pleased with ourselves…

…sometimes we don’t have our hair brushed…

…sometimes mom wants to pull out her hair, hide under the table and haul their tails off the public school.

Then, she remembers that a call to home school was never painted as smooth-sailing or easy.

This is why a few scheduled days each month aren’t completed.  We know when we all just need a deep breath.  We need to keep it real and admit that we’re not perfect students or super mom.

We fail but we keep moving forward.  We know we’re not perfect and that’s okay.  We persevere.

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