all boy

This morning a found a sweet scene that made me think to myself, “That boy is ‘all boy'”.

Sometimes life with this boy is a struggle.  I often think that he’ll need me to remind him to put on underwear and socks for the rest of his life.  I’m not sure at this stage in his life that he’ll ever care enough about himself to look and smell clean for a day.  I even ask God what a boy with these tendencies will ever do with his life.

It may sound like I don’t think much of him.  The truth is I worry about him  because I think he’s so awesome and I want his God-given gifts to be used wisely and not destructively.  I don’t want him to waste himself on foolishness.  I want him to be a great student and a wise man.  I want him to succeed and thrive.

The boy who can turn a simple grammer lesson into an hour-long battle is the same boy who aspires to be a builder when he grows up.  I have to remember that not everyone fits into the cookie-cutter expectations of modern education.  Some break through it and make their own paths.  I know I’m responsible to teach him, but I also know that when it’s all said and done he may just follow his dreams.  Though I’m hoping those dreams evolve him into being an architect, I’ll be okay if those dreams end in him being a general contractor or even a simple construction worker. Maybe he’ll do something different all together.  He has an ear and love and passion for music as well.  I do know his focus on Jesus and working hard, and his creativity is enough to make him something brilliant.

All the years of severe reactions to someone “touching his Legos” and drumming on the desk in lieu of doing his spelling lessons may all be worth it in the end.  I have to cultivate him into what God has meant him to be.

That is a seriously cool plane this guy made.  He used a picture and not step-by-step instruction I might add.  I’m proud of him.

*Note to self: read this often.

6 thoughts on “all boy

  1. homeschoolingpenny says:

    Thanks for this post. I have recently started home educating my 7 year old son and it sure is fun! He’s also a Lego fan, building things from a pile on the floor. I think that plane is awesome and I must show it to my son tomorrow morning! I was wondering what breed your dog is! He’s looks cute and a great buddy to your son. I am thinking about getting a dog for my son to be a buddy for him too.


  2. Nicole says:

    Ah boys! I have one just like that….perhaps two! I have to remind myself often as well that this is a different experience raising not only a child of the opposite sex (there are just some things we can’t identify with!), but of a child with entirely different wiring from myself! I have to remember he is just how he is supposed to be and its my job to cultivate that!


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