pride comes before destruction

Today, I was mending field fencing (a new lot in life I’m sure).  The kids were giggling in every directions and the dry grass was rustling at foot.  I certainly like the feeling of accomplishment, don’t you?  As the fencing went up and the kids carried on, I felt a little idea forming.  I was just clearing out a lean-to shelter and found some posts and ply wood.  A good start I thought.

I had confiscated a wheel barrel, water jugs, and leather gloves, with a handful of rose branches to boot from the kids.  All this fun material and their idea clicked.  I decided I’d give the kids what they were trying to do on their own…a fort.  Why you need green rose branches for this I do not know!

I was extra confident in my building skills because I just finished up a nesting box for the chickens yesterday.  Nick made it a point to praise my skills.  Maybe I’m a pretty great builder after all huh?  Who knew?

We set to work drilling in screws.  We even made a roof.  I thought it was a pretty cute fort.  Solid.  Durable.  I thought to myself.  The kids immediately went in and started role-playing.  I was feeling so confident I decided to paint it too.

I sent the kids in the house for a snack while I went to work.  I really wanted to finish the fort and surprise Nick.  He is always left to the painting, but I decided I’d complete it without him.  Because I could, and I thought he’d be amazed.

After two walls and two posts were almost done, an unexpected gush of wind came by.  I was sitting inside the fort, and suddenly I wasn’t.  Just like that the fort was destroyed leaving me sitting on the ground next to a child’s rocking chair arms covered in paint (the painted side blew straight at me and face down in the dirt) and the fort got spread across the yard in four pieces.

That is the honest to goodness truth about how I let a silly fort become an object for my pride.  What a dork I am.  Seriously?  I’m glad Jesus puts up with my crap.  I have plenty of it.

I think I’ll rebuild with a grateful heart that wants to bless my kids instead of impress them.  My abilities (and the great lack of them) are from the Lord.  I should use them as such.

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