farm life

So far we have bust our tails to get the farm ready for gardens, chickens, and a fleet of children.  We’ve moved in many of our belongings already.  Saturday is the big move.

We have discovered that most of the 30+ trees and bushes on the property are on a drip system, yay! The kids discovered some fun things as well.  If you’re into that type of thing that is.  We’re plugging away at the endless work, and learning the land.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the farm blog in the side bar for all the latest happenings.


3 thoughts on “farm life

  1. Bethany Johnson says:

    I’m into all that, except the scorpion! EEK! I need to get that Backyard Homestead book back to you… And that’s great that the trees are on a drip system, what kinds of trees are they? I’d love to get my plants on a drip system too, even though I’ve only got 2 acres. Our hoses don’t reach so I’m going back and forth with a watering can… I hope I can keep it up. Looking forward to the monsoon season. Love to visit too.


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