go OCD on your books

Do you ever suffer from a conniption when you see readers tossed into the board books section of the bookshelf?  Have you ever thought that you might  be institutionalized the next time you look at the resource book area and find nothing but chapter books and magazines?

Then you know How I feel.  I couldn’t live like that any longer, so I went on a mission.

I’ve spent the last few weeks organizing different parts of the schoolroom.  I love that area being clean.  It makes spending so much time in there and learning much more fun and calm.

I saw a great idea on Pinterest to lessen my rants of “books in the wrong spot”.  I’ve discovered that clearly marked organization systems make it easy to clean up properly.

I bought some color dots and went to town.  Then I made a KEY to show what each dot color combo means.  I’m waiting on a Label Maker to mark the shelf, but I am loving the whole setup thus far.

Here is the finished bookshelf in the school room.


The shopping is slim pickings here, which is why I have two sizes, and two dot combos.  I had to think of a way to make four colors into several categories.  If you can find neon and primary colors…go for it.

Only one more bookshelf to go in the school room!  I’ll no longer fault my children for my own issues.  The color-codes make it so even my little three-year-old can put things in the correct section.  Ahhh.  Maybe a household of seven can be organized.

One thought on “go OCD on your books

  1. Ashley says:

    I have felt the same many times. I hate working in a messy schoolroom! Fortunately Aurora has inherited my OCD, so now she’s getting to the point where she will take over and put it all back the way she’s seen me do it. :D


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