teaching myself new tricks

Never did I foresee that the subject I so adamantly tried to avoid all my life is grafting itself into everything I love to do leisurely.  Mathematics.  What I have also deemed as mundane and exhausting has been creeping it’s ugly little head into my craft time.

At first it started with simple measuring and adding while I sewed.  Then, it escalated into pre-algebra while making a skirt.  Before I knew it I was finding products of 4 in knitting.  Now, I’m willingly submitting myself to percentages, fractions, adding/subtracting and multiplying/dividing in efforts to master pattern writing.

It seems you and I can tell our kids there is a purpose for all the madness.  Even if is takes being out of high school for 11.5 years before I realize it, I can use algebra in life.  Mathematics is important, useful, productive, and- whether I like it or not- the only way I can proceed in my desire to become a knitting pattern writer.

Now that I think of it, Math is the base of everything scientific, creative, and practical.  That’s a lot of stuff.


If feels good to admit that.  I’ve denied it for far too long.

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