how to become a better knitter

Sitting on my couch turning a heel on a sock, had me thinking about how far I’ve come in two and a half years of knitting.  You shall never see a picture of my first three projects because, frankly, they are the ugliest knitting projects on Earth.  A hat, a scarf, and a couple of holey wash clothes were my first attempts at the wonderful world of knitting.  This is not important, really.  What’s important is that instead of people saying “Did you make that?”  They now say, “I can’t believe you made that!”

The difference is huge.  If only that could happen with my sewing.  I would love to sew anything that looked so professional that no one could tell I made it.  That’s a whole other topic.  Though I know the mistakes exist in most my projects, and though I know I have a ways to go, I am pleased that I am to the point of socks.  This has been the scariest of all projects to me.  And here I am gearing up to turn a heel!  (Let us not even remember to pair I already attempted and frogged).  I have determination.

People often ask when I find time to knit “with all those kids” around.  Easy.  While watching TV with Nick in the evening.  While taking a time-out from overwhelming responsibility (nap time), and while Nick takes the driver’s seat–literally.  It’s true.  That really the only times I ever knit.  Okay, it comes with me to the Dr’s office, and to the in-laws’ for dinner and such, but honestly not much gets done that way.

People say I’m amazing.  That one always makes me laugh inside.  I would not consider myself an “amazing” knitting.  I classify myself as advanced beginner.  Amazing to me are intricate  lace and colorwork– not a garter stitch scarf.  Amazing to me is being a consistently great and innovated pattern writer.  I am not amazing.

People ask me where I learned to knit.  The answer is YouTube videos.

People say “I tried to knit but I couldn’t figure it out.”  Hey, me too.  It took me weeks to figure it out.  I was just very determined.  I also found great resources via the internet.  As they say “practice makes perfect”  so has my my journey with needles been.  I knit nearly everyday.  Certainly everyday if I am excited for the results or very close to the end of a project.

People say I’m too young to knit.  I say most of the great knitter and pattern writers– and yarn shop owners for that matter– aren’t grandmas.  Knitting is hip now.  Even celebrities do it– not that I care much what  celebrities do.  I’m just sayin’.

Since I don’t have any actual people to learn from here…at least not that I know of, I have learned to take bay steps.  I started with the most basic projects using only garter stitch.  Each project following I look up the abbreviation and watch videos until I feel comfortable proceeding with the needles and yarn.  I have yet to come across instructions I couldn’t find a video tutorial for.

If you want to learn to knit, or if you want to get better…then do it.  Use the free and awesome tools that are out there.  Join a knitting circle.  Become a better knitting by being determined.  Become a better knitter by knitting.  Whether it’s good, bad or ugly– you can’t be a great knitter if you don’t pick up those needles and cast on that yarn.

That’s how to become a better knitter.

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