one thing i realized

Nick left Monday for a week-long trip to Kino Bay, Mexico.  He is helping a missionary network with other churches across the line.  He’s suffering, I’m sure, by the ocean with his brother and a few other sweet people, eating great food and enjoying quiet moments.

Here’s the point.  Ever since he’s been gone I realized that I cook for Nick.  I cook for everyone really, but I aim  to please him.  I guess I’m not the type who makes meals because I know the kids will love it.  I’ve faced the fact that I try to impress him.  This is why I’ve had zero motivation to make nice meals this week.

The kids won’t appreciate if I make a beautiful roast or stir fry or any gourmet dish– so I’m not bothering.  It’s all taquitos, popcorn, nachos and other nonsense around here until his return.

What kinds of food to you make when the man is gone?  I could use some ideas :)

2 thoughts on “one thing i realized

  1. Ashley says:

    Macaroni & cheese! The girls would eat it every night if I let them. Their preference is for “the orange kind”. :P They also think it’s fun to make their own little pizzas on english muffins. Also breakfast for dinner is easy. Scrambled eggs or pancakes. My other quick and easy options that I always go to are chicken nuggets or cheese crisp. I was just telling Jonah the other day that we eat much healthier when he is at home!


    • vintagemamasew says:

      Mac n cheese is out. Also English muffins, flour tortillas, chicken nuggets don’t work for us. These are all things I haven’t learned how to make gluten free yet :( I also have to be careful with cheese (lactose) when it comes to Desmond. That’s part of the dilemma. Breakfast for dinner is a good idea though. They also love that! Maybe it’s time to master a GF pizza crust too.


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