I don’t know what I did

Christmas morning had me very excited, and slightly anxious.  After many hours and weeks of trying to squeeze in every spare moment into Christmas crafting, I had come to realize I wasn’t going to accomplish all my goals.

I had everything done for all our kids’ stockings.  I was dead tired on Christmas Eve.  We had a wonderful kids Christmas program, and we went to Tata and Nana’s after for albondigas and tamales (a mexican tradition).  It was quite late when we got home.  11pm or so (yikes!).  There was no more time for sewing up last-minute projects.  We had also feverishly tried to adopt a puppy as the “big” gift for the family.  That fell through.

I stuffed the stockings and felt a wee bit sad that I couldn’t give them more.  I think as a parent I just wanted this to be the best Christmas ever.  When I was out of money and out of time (for crafting the supplies I had) I felt like a didn’t live up to my expectations.  I just prayed that the gifts they were given by everyone else would “make up for it”.

Christmas morning was filled with bustling and excitement.  Everyone was so thrilled to wake up to full stockings and a few presents under the tree.  As the kiddos dug down to the bottom of their fluffy socks, they filled my heart with pride and joy.  Each one was so very pleased and thankful for every item.  At the end I told them that was the presents from us, and they all said “Thank you!”

With big smiles and sweet hearts.  They exceeded was I expected.

I don’t know what I did to deserve such appreciative children, but I’m glad I have them.

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