sewing snippets: Finish a seam without a serger

I don’t have a serger.  I would love a serger, but it’s not in the budget.  Sewing pants for babies and PJ’s for myself has taught me something important.  Strong seams are very important.  No one wants to split their pants.  No one.

I’m not sure if I completely made up this technique or if I just thought of it also.  I haven’t ever seen this anywhere, so I thought I’d share it here.  Instead of stitching over the same place twice, I fold the seam over and sew it again.  I love this because (like a serged edge) it doesn’t become a unraveling mess.  I have used pinking shears and still get a tangle of seam after multiple washings.

This is also a super strong seam.

I hope that helps you in your Handmade Christmas sewing.  If you’ve seen this before please leave a link in the comments box.  I would love to see if anyone has a different variation.

I used the ruler to show you that you fold the seam INWARD before you finish the seam.

Your finished seam.

Here's the other side of the finished seam. See how closely the stitches are?

I sure hope this helps you as much as it does me.

5 thoughts on “sewing snippets: Finish a seam without a serger

  1. Nicole says:

    I haven’t see this before! But I will try it! I am actually planning on making pajama pants for us all for Christmas! Do you have a pattern/technique for them?


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