knitting stripes the right way

I’m in love with Judy.  I learned how to knit by watching her videos.  She’s like my extra grandma.  My own grandma is a seamstress extraordinaire, and I love her.  So, Judy is being grafted into my family for her marvelous FREE knitting videos.  Here’s her video on how to make perfect stripes in your projects (completely even with no seam).


5 thoughts on “knitting stripes the right way

  1. Nicole says:

    I may have to relearn! I just think it looks so cool! I don’t add color that way, but I am sure the way I do it is wrong so I will use that video to learn correctly!


  2. Nicole says:

    Cool! I saw a video that had you pick up the right leg of the lower row stitch to correct the jog…I’ll have to find that one again…I will have to try them both! Also do you knit like her (is it continental or english…can’t ever remember which is which!)? I don’t, but think it looks cooler! Also, do you know how she did the yellow yarn? Was it attached?


    • vintagemamasew says:

      I knit exactly like her, since I learned from her. It’s English. I actually wish I learned continental (German), because I think it could be faster. *History lesson* According to Elizabeth Zimmerman English style started due to the fact that during WWII no one wanted to even knit like the Germans did. Crazy.


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