Handmade Christmas: mess-free phone cozy

I have plenty of other things that are more important than getting bothered by phone cords.  I have no idea why, but an empty phone cord dangling from the wall or a plugged-in cord with a phone at the end sitting on the coffee pot doesn’t sit well with me.  It encroaches upon my sanity.

I saw this picture on Pinterest and knew I was going to make it soon.  Today, I clicked on my pin to get the instructions, and found no instructions.  Just a photo.  rather than spend forever trying to track down a tutorial (if one indeed exists) I wrote one.

I did the whole thing (including writing the pattern) at nap time.  You can do it too.  It’s a fast and super easy project.  I made this for an I-Phone, but you could use it for any phone smaller without adjusting anything.

Or, if you phone is larger just change the dimensions, leaving and extra inch around the edges for seam allowance and phone width room.

Materials needed:

For the pocket:

2- 15cm x 15cm pieces of fabric (I used quilter’s cotton)

1- 15cm x 15cm piece of heat-bond interfacing (medium or heavy)

For Body:

2- 23cm x 13cm pieces of fabric (cotton)

1 23cm x 13cm piece of heat-bond

Thread to match (or contrasting if you like that look)



1.  Make pattern pieces.

This is the pocket piece.  I wrote the size in cm and inches.  Please ignore my scribble :)


Here’s the body piece…

To make outlet markings:

Put one dot 3cm from the top and 5.5 cm for the top.  (place the dots on the center point in this case 6.5 cm since it’s 13 cm across)

Next, put your ruler at the dot, lining it up with the 2cm mark.  Draw a line from 1-4 cm like so…
Repeat for the top and close up the sides of the rectangle like this…

Cut the hole marking you just made out.
Okay, moving on.
2.  Trace and cut out fabric pieces and heat-bond pieces. DO NOT CUT THE HOLES FOR THE OUTLET OUT!!!  Just mark them.  You will thank me for this later.
3.  Fuse the heat-bond to the WRONG side of one of the pocket pieces and one of the body pieces.  Your should have pieces that look like this.

4.  Place the two body and pocket pieces RIGHT sides together.  Mark a spot for an opening.  You will use this opening to turn your project right side out later.
These are my body pieces, marked 5cm and 10cm from the edge of one long side.
These are the pocket pieces, marked 3cm and 7 cm from one edge.
5.  Sew your pieces together, leaving the space between your marks UN STITCHED.
6.  Clip corners and trim excess fabric.  DO NOT TRIM THE OPENING.  Sorry for yelling, it’s important.  You need the extra fabric here so you can fold it inward and finish the seams.
7.  Turn the pieces RIGHT side out and press flat, turning your openings in.
8.  Stitch the openings shut.
9.  Stitch around the outlet hole.  Use a tight zig-zag stitch.  I went around my hole twice.
10.  Cut out your hole.
11.  Press your pocket piece in ward 1/4 inch on both sides.
12.  Pin to body piece.  Place on the top of the side you want facing away from the outlet when in use.  Top stitch both side and bottom, leaving the top open.
All done!

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