in the garden: autumn

:: 8 romaine

:: 8 swiss chard

:: 8 red leaf

:: 8 broccoli

:: 1 rhubarb

:: Some left over peppers and turnips, and ever-bearing strawberries.

:: Bulbs being planted for a colorful Spring.

:: Hoping for onions and garlic.

The beginnings of our Autumn gardening adventures.

5 thoughts on “in the garden: autumn

      • Bethany Johnson says:

        I need to learn more about fall planting? I did plant some bulbs, do they need to be watered regularly in the fall? I’ll be looking it up too. I also planted some onions. But what I really think I need is some good soil to work with.


      • vintagemamasew says:

        I don’t water the bulbs I plant (the ones you plant in Fall and they come up in Spring). Good luck to you. Our onions did good during the Summer, and they are supposed to do even better in the Fall.


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