31 days: lesson 7 you are what you eat.

First, I apologize for the silence here.  Second, my husband pointed out that the last post before the silence was all about perseverance. ;{  So, whatever the reasons were for the silence, they don’t matter in light of that do they?  Moving right along.

Who wants to be a bleached, fried potato with a side of high fructose corn syrup?  Not I!

In the past year Nick and I have been watching our share of food documentaries…often while snacking on the very things that are mentioned in the movie as poison. * Ahem* We have been learning (more than we’d like to know) about eating healthier.  Now that we know better, I feel obligated to do something about it.  Part of the reason I try to make everything possible from scratch is because it’s better for you.  I know exactly what’s in it, and I can control the sugar and salt ect.  The other part is that it’s almost always less expensive to make something rather than to buy it.  Homemade tastes better too.  That’s  3/3 reasons to make it yourself.  The only reason why I sometimes don’t is because I lack the energy.  (Self, please refer to lesson 6.  Thanks)

I could go on about high fructose corn syrup, bleached flour, dairy and meat  full of antibiotics and hormones, produce sprayed with pesticides or grown in contaminated water, and a host of GMOs that would weird you out…but I won’t.  Plenty of other people have.  The internet and library are swelling with knowledge.  So here’s something I’ve learned.  Not everything that tastes good is good for you.  Likewise, things that are good for you don’t have to taste bad.  I care deeply about the flavor the food I make takes.  I’m kind of nutty about it actually.  I have to remind myself that I don’t have to make the world’s best______________the very first time I try.

What I have learned about fat has changed my outlook on it.  After all the basic building blocks for a cell are Carbohydrates, proteins, lipids (fat), and nucleic acids.  Clicking any of these molecular groups will give you basic lists of food to eat in each group.  I am showing great restraint right now.  The inner nerd is fighting to come out at this moment.  I really want to explain why you need to have a balanced diet of these things, but can tell you don’t want me too.  Trust me.  Microbiology excites me.

I’m not afraid of fats (within reason and certain oils only), I have learned that the only way to get the vitamins you need is by eating fruits and vegetables (or pills/liquid form ect), Carbs are not bad (but processed and genetically modified ones are) protein can come from dairy and nuts, and beans (which is why we’ve become nearly vegetarians).  I could really elaborate forever on this.  I think you get the point though.  We are not eating healthier because we have to.  We want to.  We don’t roll our eyes at people who don’t.  We don’t to it to save the planet, we don’t do it to lose weight, we don’t even to it because it’s becoming “cool”.  Simply put…we have changed our eating habits because we want to be good stewards of our bodies.  The food we eat should be as close to the way God intended it to be (minimal to no processing with nothing added by man).

This concludes rambles lesson 7.  Eat well.



2 thoughts on “31 days: lesson 7 you are what you eat.

  1. Yolanda says:

    We have been on the same journey learning about food (mostly trying to help our daughters ADHD symptoms with diet instead of medication). I completely agree that we are what we eat. I would love to drastically reduce the amount of meat we use but my husband is a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy. What are some of your favorite meatless dinner recipes?


    • vintagemamasew says:

      We love loaded potato nights, tofu thins, pizza, tostadas, polenta medallions, Asian salads, lasagna, soups. There’s more but that will keep you for a while :) My husband was a meat and potatoes guy too. We ate less and less gradually. Like I said, we still eat meat about twice a week, just not every day.


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