31 days: Lesson 1

This evening I sit in my bed with a cold foot; listening to loud music, children going in and out of the house, a child having a tantrum, and a husband asking questions of various types while he makes dinner.  I’m reminded in the most real of ways that I am blessed.  I it take for granted too.

Let’s rewind back to yesterday afternoon if we could.  This will make much more sense then.  Promise.

Yesterday afternoon was pretty much like every afternoon here.  It was “quiet time” and no one was actually being quiet.  I leapt from the couch to shoo a couple of little girls back into bed, and part of my body didn’t follow.  I caught my middle right foot toe (or right foot 3rd digit to all you medical buffs) on the couch.  It jammed, it twisted, it cracked, it HURT!  I iced, I elevated, I missed a football game, I went to bed.

Today it was no better.  I headed to the ER for an X-Ray.  I wondered why it is that when I get hurt I get ridiculously hurt.  Like the time 3.5 years ago when I was 8 months pregnant with Josie and I sprained my ankle.  A whale on crutches with 3 little ones tagging along side (I’m sure) is not the prettiest sight.

I got myself checked in and waited.

I saw a baby in triage with a yucky rash, and a poor and ragged old man getting some sort of infusion.  I sat there knitting- and grateful for some quiet knitting time I might add.  With every stitch I felt the Lord tugging on my heart.  I’m not that hurt and I should be grateful…and not just for the knitting time.

The single mom with the baby has it hard.  The poor old man has serious problems.  God has truly given me a life more abundant.  I don’t mean my life is better than theirs, just that I have a really awesome life.  More awesome than I deserve.  Me, the mom who was so upset that her quiet time was being interrupted that she hurt her toe on the way to raise her voice to little girls that were out of bed.  That girl.  That girl was given more than she should have been given.

It got worse too.  I waited for an hour for the x-ray tech.  In that time another women came in.  Severe back pain.  Allergic to literally every kind of pain medicine.  Has she had any surgeries?  Yes, ovarian cancer led to hysterectomy, and a brain surgery.  She fell 5 weeks ago and again 2 weeks ago. She’s been in bed for 5 day in excruciating pain. Her doctor told her that she should go to the ER every time she falls but “that would mean I’d be here everyday”.  Wow.  My heart really sunk.  I began to pray for this women as I sat.

I knew as I waited there for a very long amount of time in our quaint little hospital (which is eerily slow) that God was allowing me to wait there for a really good reason.  I need to see how much God has done for me, and how much people out there need his love and his grace.

At the end of my little trip my heart was full of intent on appreciating this life, and sharing it with others.  After all what is a toe with torn ligaments compared to lives with no hope and no joy?

John 10:10

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.(KJV)

Learning lessons isn’t always fun, but a lesson learned has great value and great effect in our hearts.  God teaches me lessons everyday. Some small, some big.  What will I learn tomorrow?

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