little steps

My little guy took his first steps a couple of days ago.  I know he’s a bit on the later side of walking (almost 16 mons old), but I feel it has come too soon.  I’m not really mourning his babyness going away.  I am more sad that since he’s the fifth kid, I’ll forget all the moments of his babyhood because my mind can’t retain all the information for future questions.  I don’t want to be the parent who has no pictures of the last baby (in his case I probably have more than with the others), or when he has his own children I want to be able to compare when he walked with when grand kids walked.  I realize this is silly.  When you are on your last baby I guess you start doing silly things.  You called him baby even when he’s six, you document ever second of his life, you worry about questions his wife will ask you when they have babies.  You do all this when he’s only 16 months old.

This is where I’ll just take a deep breath and enjoy this moment.  *ahhhh*

Look how cute my little baby is!  He clapped for himself in between steps.  So sweet this guy.  Both the guys actually.

Blurry pics…please excuse :)

*In case you were wondering we’re taking a brief break from cloth diapers.  Not being able to hang the diapers on the line due to weather, has resulted in diaper rash :(  I’ll be getting those cute buns in cotton soon enough.

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