chicken chronicles

Our ladies are finally laying.  At least the first batch are.  We lost one :(  so we have 4 laying hens and 5 soon to lay pullets.  Chickens grow up SO fast.  Remember the last post about our new chicks?  Now look at them!  We have 4 Americaunas and 5 Black Australorps.  I tell ya, they are smart little escape artists.  The older ones have given us a run for our money.  One named Dot in particular, and Clara coming in as the second most mischievous chicken.  Who knew chickens could be such trouble makers?  You fix the problem and they find a loop hole, especially if they can see greener plant on the other side.

Things I’ve learned while raising chickens:

1.  They literally fly the coop.

2.  They are partial to strawberries (including the leaves) and parsley.

3.  They like to peck a hole in each tomato they can.

4.  They are very smart and super curious.  Did you know you can train them?

5.  They know my voice and come to it.  I love calling them from the window and watch them look for me.  I know, real mature huh?

6.  They attract more flies than horses.  I didn’t see that one coming.

7.  They make barking type sounds for no reason (like a yappy dog sound).

8.  They are the best at putting themselves to bed (if only the kids would call it a day a dusk).

9.  They love to dig themselves holes to lay in (like a dog, again).

10.  Putting a worm in the coop in fun to watch and great for the garden.

I have been enjoying raising these girls.  I love to see the process and recycling that comes with them as well.  They eat our scraps, I compost the waste, the compost fertilizes the garden, chickens we eat the garden, and around it goes.  So loving it all.  Considering all the frustrations and the joys, it is well worth the effort for me.  Just today I was two eggs short of a recipe so I sent Isabel out to check for eggs.  She came in with three.  Again, love it.

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