the beach of Cali

Seal beach is a wonderful beach for kids.  Soft sand and small waves.  Frankly, the only thing I care about when it comes to beaches are the rolling waves and the salty smell.  I don’t think I would ever tire of it.  Ever.  Each visit to the shore has me wishing I could live next to it.  Honestly, can we be called to a place by the beach to start a church someday?  Please?  I promise I won’t complain.  The kids had so much fun frolicking in the sand and running along the seashore.  My aunt and I attempted body surfing in the tiny waves while…you guessed it…talking some more :)

I can’t talk enough about how well the cousins get along.  Such a fun day.  I love these goofy girls and boys completely being carefree kids as the should.  I also love the beach.  I love it very much.  Like, a lot.


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