monument fire

We safely arrived home from our camping trip yesterday to a sky full of smoke.  About 20 or so mile from us the Monument Fire is blazing.  I have been consumed with concern for residents who’ve lost homes, and firefighters literally putting their life on the lines.  The fire is currently headed to Sierra Vista in a more populated area.  My heart grieves with these residents.  Officials say it will be a long drawn-out process to put out this fire while gusting winds through Sunday are on the forecast.  Please pray.

For all of you who are wondering, we still have no news on Josie’s status.  The orthopedic surgeon is on vacation until Monday.  You can bet that I’ll be calling first thing in the AM :)  It seems God really wants me to be patient.  This is what’s on my heart right now.  It’s a lot to have dangling in my brain.  I promise pictures of peaceful camping moments tomorrow when I have time to process all that has been set before me.  Wheew.

I just can’t believe any of this is real.  Not the prospect of Josie being in danger.  Sometimes I feel like I’m watching a movie that could never happen in real life…then I realize this is my life.   I never feel prepared for trials of this magnitude.  I’m thankful to Jesus who fills in the blanks of my ability and trust.  He is in control…of everything.

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