organic, chem-free cleaning and more

Over the past year we’ve been making steps to become a chem-free household.  As they’ve gotten used up, I have been replacing store-bought cleaners with homemade organic and chemical-free ones.  The benefits are grand.  First, they are much less expensive.  Yay!  Second, I feel better to have them with all the little ones.  I don’t have to worry about them getting into them and going blind or dying.  Another relieving reason is mama won’t be inhaling fumes.

I take about fifteen minutes every month or so to make all the cleaners.  They smell fresh and clean.  They are so safe the kids can use them too!  No excuses there :)  I have seen many recipes online, but I prefer to have them in handy book form.  Some great sources are listed below, but let me say, I get no money from recommending these to you.  They are simply books I came across and like.

I picked up the book Organic Housekeeping from the library.  I really enjoy the ideas and tips in there.  Reusing plastic mesh produce bags for dish scrubbers,  and the chemical-free oven cleaning recipes are among my favs.  There are wonderful suggestions for organizing and time management as well.  Not to mention how to reduce your water usage while doing dishes and cleaning.

Make Your Place is a book I use for almost all my cleaning recipes.  I love it!  This book is great for many tips and changes for a more organic lifestyle.  The author teaches you how to make your own tinctures, essential oils, gardening , and body care along with the cleaning resources and an extensive herbal index.

How about you?  What changes are you making to your budget?  What steps have you taken to have a more kid-friendly system in your cleaning and household care routines?  What are some of your favorite sites for organic and chemical-free recipes?

2 thoughts on “organic, chem-free cleaning and more

  1. My Tropical Home says:

    I need to get those books! I started with the cleaner I used for my granite counters. I know that I can do more…great post!


  2. Nicole Latulippe says:

    We don’t use chemicals around here either! I just bought a thing of regular hand soap at the store when we ran out, and it is already irritating my daughters skin! I use a lot of baking soda and vinegar. I also make an all purpose spray with dish soap, tea tree oil and warm water. Can’t wait to check out these books for more ideas!


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