high tea

I was recently invited to a High Tea.  I have never been to any tea party outside the walls of our home, and hosted by my very own little ladies.  I was excited to say the least.  Nick knew how excited I’d be the second he heard of it.  He knows me well.  I’m a 50’s housewife stuck in a millennial housewife’s body.  I like to think of myself as an old soul.  I was honored at the invite, and blessed by the company of four other Christian women in the carpool.

We traveled two hours to the Armado Inn.  Yes, I was the youngest one in the ride, but with my knitting addiction, I’m used to that sort of thing.  I wasn’t, however, the youngest at the tea.  This actually surprised me.  Next year I’m taking my girls along.

It was refreshing to have a full day with adult women, and even more refreshing to hear a wonderful message about how great and caring the God we serve.  The keynote speaker just happened to be a dear friend.  She did a wonderful job.

Pinkies up ladies!  Don’t you just love saying that you ate a scone with lemon curd?  It sounds so very proper and sophisticated, does it not?

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