that time of year

For us it’s the time of year when we order our new curriculum.  I love getting those heavy packages in the mail and opening them together like it’s Christmas morning.  I am thrilled about using KONOS!

I read through it last night and now I’m super motivated to get going on it.  The awesomeness of KONOS is going to fill our school room just as soon as this year’s good, but not-so-exciting work is done.  Miss Olivia was so excited to get a glimpse of the kindergarten package.  She was jumping up and down with joy.  It feels my heart with so much joy to see her just plain thrilled about learning.

Here’s what we ordered:


Singapore Math

Soaring with Spelling

Growing with Grammer

I have used everything except KONOS before.  I can’t wait.  I love that the unit studies are all about Godly character building.  KONOS covers science, social studies, music, artcrafts, writing, geography, math concepts, creative expression, history, physical skills, practical living, theology, and literature all within a character trait.

Each volume is 2 years of learning and covers 6-7 character traits.  The volumes are multi-level as well, meaning that the same curriculum teaches K-8 and is all up the state guidelines.  LOVE that!

We are all highly motivated to finish off our school year and start learning together as a family, just the way we like it.  How about you?

2 thoughts on “that time of year

  1. Bethany L. Johnson says:

    I have ordered my curriculum for next year. But we’re about a month behind and will be needing to catch up before I open all my packages. But Konos sounds like a neat curriculum. Keep us informed on how you like it. If it get’s good reviews from you, I may look into it for the next, next year.


  2. Nicole Latulippe says:

    I have not been thrilled with our current curriculum, and therefore, we are really behind. I am going to look into this Konos…sounds interesting.


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