planted garden

For the last three days our yard has been undergoing a transformation.  Sadly, all the work of growing seedling ended in gloom.  That’s all I want to say about it.  I am still full of sadness.  It’s silly I know, but what a bummer!  So, tax return $$ was turned into full garden beds in just a few days.

Peppers of a few sorts, onions, tomatoes, a variety of herbs, peas, green beans, cucumbers, strawberries (yum), squash, pumpkin, and watermelon are thriving thus far.  We even planted some pretty non-edible ground coverings.  I am full of excitement to watch this garden grow.   Grapes and berry vines are in our future as well, not to mention a sour cherry tree shoot that is growing a beautiful root system in a cup of water (thank you sweet little old lady neighbor).  Spring has finally sprung up in our yard.  Our raised beds are alive.

Herbs and the compost pile.

Strawberries all the way down the side of the house.

Tomatoes and onions.  P.S. Planting onions is tedious.

Some pretties…Yay for herbs…thyme, rosemary, lavender, and chives.  I’ll be on the look-out all summer for thrifted mason jars.  How about you.  Post links to your gardens for all to see.  I just love to look at other people’s gardens.

4 thoughts on “planted garden

  1. Bethany L. Johnson says:

    Yes I think they’ll share. Okay, circumstances have changed for me. My Honney Bear got me a new camera for Mother’s Day and I used it to take a photo shoot of my garden, and now our computer that has pictures in it works with the internet. So I created a blog post, here’s the address:

    It has many pictures of my flowers/plants. I just was thinking though that I didn’t get a picture of the whole put together. Just a bunch of upclose shots. Maybe that will be my next venture with my camera…


  2. Bethany L. Johnson says:

    Hey There, Great start to your gardening. Rosemary gets pretty big it might take over… : ). I would post pictures of my garden, it’s the best one that I’ve ever done yet, except that the computer that has all my pictures can’t connect to the internet. Boo. Most my garden is flowers and shrubs, and a few flowering vines, and bulbs, but I do have 2 tomato plants that survived, a pumpkin seed that has grown giant and about to get even bigger. I ended up using the bottoms of green onions that I did not use from “kitchen scraps” and planted them root down, and they are almost in bloom. I think I had from my compost a few seeds, so I believe that some random tomatoes and hopefully green bell peppers and cantaloupe are growing too. Love spring, the sad part is that I’ll be leaving them around summer time into the hands of my in-laws… Happy Gardening.


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