a trip to our favorite ranch

In just two years we have made some wonderful friends here.  One couple in particular has a ranch…which happens to be the kids’ favorite house to visit.  It’s the rural equivalent to Disneyland, I’d say.  Horses, goats, chickens, a real horse cart (what a horse and buggy ride?  Yep!), a gas-powered remote airplane (the husband is a pilot), a swimming pool, golf cart, art supplies and small weaving machine (wife is a recognized artist and fiber arts guild member) the list really goes on.  My friend and I share many of the same interests, and since she has many years experience in such things as gardening and raising chickens in this area, she has quickly become more than a wonderful friend.  She is my go-to source for questions on said subjects.

All this coupled with hospitality and the thread of love in Jesus that binds us together, also makes it one of my favorite places to go as well.  There is something to be said for two women who love the Lord and the same hobbies.  A rarity indeed.  I can count the people I feel this connected to who I can also laugh or cry with.  Not to mention, the husbands love each other too.  Another rare find.

Nick obviously trusts their knowledge of one of his least favorite animals…horses.

Long story short, Nick got kicked in the calve by a pony rented from a random guy in Mexico while on a mission trip with JR highers.  The horse shoe shape can still be felt on his leg.  This experience was disenchanting to say the least.  He don’t like horses people!

Anyways, months of questions from a certain little girl, and looks of anguish from a certain man finally lead to the gracious “alright let’s do it”.  This was a big deal.  BIG.  Not only did he say yes to the miss, but he said yes to all the kids.  And guess what?  Mama got to ride a horse for the first time in twelve years.  Twelve years.  When you like the smell of horses and their manure, it’s time to schedule an actual ride.  Loved this day.



Is she not the cutest ever.  This has got to be a post card.

Miss fearless was extremely comfortable and excited to ride the horse.  She was this happy the whole time.  This horse got lots of Josie Bean kisses.

{last two pics taken by Nick}

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