hair bows galore

Some changes are gong on at Nick’s  job.  Soon, he will be switching to church and side jobs instead of his current salary pay.  So, I felt it was my duty to try to help bring in some revenue.  During the last couple of days I have been a bow-making machine.  Seriously. So far…122 hair bows.  That’s a lot.  I am gearing up to sell some at our local Farmer’s Market in April.  It will be a bit more quiet here this week as I use up all my extra time in this endeavor.

For all you stay-at-homers…what are some ways you bring extra $$ into your household?  I’m all for ideas.  Until then…pass the ribbon.

Happy Spring week to you all.  I hope to be sharing some gardening updates with you next week.  Yay!  There’s a chicken update soon to come as well.  Sheesh.  I guess we’re sorta busy.  It’s a good busy though :)

5 thoughts on “hair bows galore

  1. Tara says:

    yeah, i thought i’d look at comments to see what others are doing to bring in the money…
    nothing doin’ here!
    i’m with ashley, i try not to spend to much!
    but i have thought alot about it, just don’t know where i would find the time do anything more than what i already do.


  2. Rachel Rose says:

    Hey Jennee!
    I found your blog through Kalie’s blog. I’m so happy that I did! It’s fun to see all of your creativity with sewing and cooking/baking. Hopefully we can keep in touch through blogs. Love you and your fam,
    -Rachel Simon Rose


  3. Ashley says:

    Looks like you are crazy busy! My method of “bringing in money”….I work hard to spend as little as possible. You know… a penny saved is a penny earned. :)


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