changes for health

I have been watching lots of documentaries lately.  Three of those were food related.  Food Inc., Food Matters, and The Future of Food.  Long story short, we are currently in the process (a long one at that) of becoming self-sufficient for our food.  Nick watched them also, which took convictions I had from desires to actions.  If we agree on something it’s as good as done in little to no time.  I love that about us.  We need to know where our food is coming from, and we need it to be cost-efficient.  Buying completely organic food is not feasible for us.

It occurred to me that I was aimlessly and ignorantly eating things without even considering what exactly it was, where it came from, who made it, and how nutritional is it really. Those days are coming to an end.  With the garden beds erected, and the seeds sown, we’re on our way.

Please consider, our yard is as tiny as it can be.  Extensive research, planning, and organization is going into our plot of land.  I am guessing that we have less than 1/10 of an acre, which is why I have been reading The Backyard Homestead with enthusiasm.  As of now we are focusing on veggies, fruits and eggs (hence the chicks).  Here’s my very bad drawing of our plans.

How many of you are planning gardens this year?  What will you be growing, and how many people are you feeding?  Check out this wonderful website Path to Freedom to see how you too can use a small space for a big change.  Happy growing!



3 thoughts on “changes for health

  1. LauraLee says:

    I’m so excited for you, what an amazing undertaking! I am working on an indoor herb garden, 2 blackberry bushes, 3 wine barrels a rock planter and one square foot garden bed of lettuce, greens, and lots lof veggies. I have had a black thumb in the past but I think every time I’ve killed a plant I learned something for future use. :)


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