garden beds

Yard projects are fun.  No?  This weekend our family made some raised garden beds.  I’ll be honest.  It was pretty much Nick and I after this picture what taken.  Even though the wind was out-of-control, it was a good day of hard labor.  No, I didn’t pop out another kid silly.  You know, the kinda work that leaves your muscles sore the next day.  It’s satisfying to work that hard.


Now, as soon as the wind lets up I’ll finish planting the seedlings.  I can’t stop staring at these beauties.  The tutorial for making your own raised flower/garden beds can be found at The Pioneer Women.  I love her.  For so many reasons.  I also love that I was able to fit eighteen 2x6x8 foot boards into our mini van…along with five kids.  That’s an accomplishment.

One thought on “garden beds

  1. harmonyvalleyfarms says:

    Looking good, seems everyone is building raised beds right now, myself included. Feel free to check mine out if you wish (my name clicks to my blog I’m told). I also used 2x6x8 untreated boards (douglas fir). Great job, now its time to fill them up with soil and plants!


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