of chickens and veggies

It has been in the beautiful 70s here.  As far as weather goes, spring gets me motivated like no other season.  Once again I find myself hitting the books (or in this case the online resources).  This year we are planning on using the square foot gardening method.  After two years of little and no crops, I am taking a pro-active and calculated approach to growing food.  I can’t wait to enjoy an abundance of organically grown fruits and veggies, not to mention an array of herbs and flowers.

My most gracious husband has also agreed to a small flock of chicks.  I just love fresh eggs.  And, depending on my level of courage…possible never-ending meat.  We will be feverishly preparing for the arrival of our spring chickens from now until mid March.  What adventure!  What are you preparing for now?  Food?  Chickens?  Crafts?  Babies?  Do tell…

Happy Tuesday to you and yours.

4 thoughts on “of chickens and veggies

  1. pobept says:

    Grinning, I keep such a small flock, usually about 6 bantam hens and of course 1 rooster to to awaken me and to fat lazy dogs at 3AM.
    I think this guy’s brain is in another time zone.

    Yea I know that they produce small eggs, but are great fun to watch and are good setters to hatch off up to 6 eggs, this adds up quickly when you have 3 or 4 setting hens.

    I spend a little more per chick but can buy only the few I need at my local farm and ranch store with out the need to purchase 25 or more required my most hatcheries.


  2. Nicole Latulippe says:

    I love it! I have wanted to get some chickens for a year now. We are living on my in-laws property now, and that will definitely not be happening :( Luckily I have friends who sometimes have extra eggs from theirs!
    I have not had a successful garden in years. I am hoping for enough to store for the fall/winter this year though!!


  3. LauraLee @ Old Fashioned Vegan says:

    I’m planning a square foot garden too! I’m probably going to keep it simple though and just do herbs and greens and other things that are way easy to grow as I have a ton of other landscaping projects to accomplish. So excited to see how your garden and chicken family develop.


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