a scary endeavor

I have some knitting goals for the year.  As a housewife who has a seemingly unusual amount of creative energy (and not nearly as much of the cleaning energy), I am venturing out of the hat, scarf, and simple baby sweater type of knitting.  Do you want to know what’s on the list?  Here it is in no particular order:

1) socks– these have scared the tar out of me thus far, but it’s time to grab some itty-bitty needles and cast on.

2) mittens– like socks, but a little less intimidating.

3) Nick knits–  I’ve only made the guy 1 hat, which was recently given away for a good cause.  He needs some yarn love.

4) A shawl– a lacy shawl…for me.

5) A Zimmerman– I have no particular one in mind.  I just know that if an artist had a chance to paint with Monet, he would.  Such would a knitter with a Zimmerman pattern.  It’s like a right of passage in my eyes.  More about Elizabeth Zimmerman can be found here.

6) Colorwork– Fair Isle needs a chance on my needles.

So that’s that.  I’m expecting this post will keep me accountable to these goals.  Just so you don’t think I’m a complete whack, let me just say that many of these goals will be combined in one project.  In example: A pair of fair isle mittens using a EZ pattern for…Nick?  Well, maybe not for Nick.  He’s not a mitten kinda guy.  He’s rarely a glove guy as far as hands are concerned.  Ha!

Happy knitting all!  Please join in if you so wish.  Leave your updates and blog links in the comments box.



4 thoughts on “a scary endeavor

  1. Nicole Latulippe says:

    Yay! I am hoping to challenge myself too this year. Especially with baby knits! I am just starting my first “in-the-round” hat. I have been such a chicken to try before now!


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