It is offically becoming a yearly event.  Planning out the rest of the school year in January.  Doing this any time sooner doesn’t work.  I planned the year out already, and we have not come close to being “on-schedule”.  Summer and Spring and even Fall here are much to warm and fun to be inside doing work.  Winter is the season we get the most done on a regular basis.  So, that’s what I’m busy doing today.  Seeing how far behind our fun has gotten us.  This is best done with at least two erasers and a big hunk o’ chocolate. for security.  No fears though.




3 thoughts on “planning

  1. Winter has not been our forte at all. We’ve slowed down for the holidays, BIG time and it’s time to get back up to speed. I think it’s because it’s dark for a long time and it makes me want to sleep in.


  2. Lesson planning is one of my biggest weaknesses. We are pretty far behind right now because of it. Being pregnant has thrown me WAY off :(


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