saying goodbye

Today we said goodbye our dog Scout.  Since we’ve moved here eight months ago, she has not had the life we’ve wanted to give her.  I am so glad we found her a great home with a big yard and two other dogs to play with.  I am glad that she’s going to an owner who takes her dogs to the park everyday.  That’s what she needs.

When we named Scout (To Kill a Mocking Bird is one of my favorite books), we didn’t realize how much she would truly live up to her name.  She loved going for run with Nick while “scouting” ahead to make sure all was safe.  We quickly found that our rescued pup was the dog we’ve always wanted, but never had.  Scout is the sweetest, goofiest, protective, and let-it-be-know FASTEST dog.  Have you ever seen Seabiscuit?  It’s like that.  Once you unleash her an unforeseen amount of speed is obtained.  It’s a wonder to behold.  I’m sure the dog catcher has a personal vendetta against her.  He even tried the dart gun (which was told to me by someone who was trying to help catch her).  She’s a fraidy-cat and would never get close enough to a stranger for that to work.  And she’s super fast– have I mentioned that yet?  Since our local dog catcher is a short round little man, there’s just no way.  I’m pretty sure that would be one of the funniest things to watch though.

Why would the dog catcher even know Scout that well?  You see, she’s the Houdini of all dogs.  This is why it just hasn’t worked for her here.  Our Scout is a runner.  No dog I’ve ever seen or heard of can run like her.  I’m not exaggerating.  She simply needs a good run too.  Our tiny yard is not for her.  We knew this when we moved.  Since we’re only a block away from the park we committed to taking her for a walk every day.  Sadly, our intentions were far better than execution.  So, she has broken out of every inch of our yard (which is completely fenced-in).  Don’t even ask– we have tried that.  Yup, we tried that too.  Yeah, we did that also.  Trust me.  It’s been done.  Scout is Houdini.  Not kidding.  Scout was chained– which unlike Houdini she couldn’t get out of– and that’s no life for a dog.  Especially a dog we love so very much.  She’s also a chicken eater, which made it impossible for us to just let her “run” each day.

Scout will not be fenced or leashed.  She’s a free-spirit.

We’d been praying and talking about this with the kids for several months, and there were some tears when it came time, but we each agreed completely that it was best for Scout.  One request was made– a last picture with Scout.  I am so sad.  I really loved that dorky quirky, sweet, aggravating, afraid of cameras, fast, loving, liked to herd my children into playing with her, fast, chicken eating, nose nudging, sit on your foot because she wanted to be as close as possible, tore a hole in my new rug, lay in your lap, farter of death, gentlest licker, fast, so very tender,  wriggly, smart, protecting, Houdini of a dog.  Goodbye Scout.  I really loved when you just put your head on my lap and looked at me.  I hope you love your new family.  I’m never watching Marley and Me again. *real tears*

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