Christmas prep

There is a busy rustling around our tiny house.  Busy with baking and sewing, and most assuredly, knitting.  Babes are being cuddled and rocked in between children rushing around with Christmas excitement.

While I was mixing up some pie crust I noticed one child in particular going into her room with what seemed to be an enormous amount of construction paper.  In and out of the kitchen she went.  Then came scissors and tape.  That had me a bit more concerned.  I finally asked her what she was doing, to which she simply replied, “Christmas decorating.”

Many thoughts ran through my head.  Instead of telling her the usual “No scissors and tape in the room”  I decided I’d finish my own work before I checked in on her.  I am so glad I did.  We do our best to talk so much more of Jesus during this time than anything else.  I love to see their sweet hearts during this time.  While  many kids are thinking of what they can get for Christmas, mostly our children are giving.  Just the other day Andre and Isabel took their money with them to the store ready to buy something when they both decided to give the Salvation Army bell ringers.  Between the two they gave $2.25.  Isabel also gave $2 to a homeless person on the corner.

I am so proud to be their mama.  They are wonderful and kind little ones.  I have much to learn from them.  Remember the meaning of Christmas.  Love.  In all definitions.

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