sewing for Christmas

Let’s face it…I’m not superwoman.  I’m not Sheera Princess of Power either.  While I will continue to knit when I can, sewing is faster and will have to do for Gifts this year.  Someone needs curtains, and a few girls I know would love a doll from Handmade Beginnings.  Simple.  After all whose Birthday is it anyways.

Two weeks and counting down.  How’s your handmade Christmas coming along?

2 thoughts on “sewing for Christmas

  1. Bethany Johnson says:

    I’m making a hat and scarf each for my niece and 2 nephews, and a scarf for my mom and mother-inlaw. All I have left to complete is a scarf for my nephew and one for my mom. Almost done, I’m working on them more often now that time is nearing.


  2. Nicole Latulippe says:

    Its funny, I just told my husband this the other day! I am WAY behind on my knitting, and sewing is so much faster! I will prob make a few purses, which can be made in a day, instead of some of my knitting!


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