Some people complain about Mondays.  Today I’m one of those people.  I didn’t want to get up.  I heard kids.  They were already having problems as soon as Nick left the house.  I got up.  I had to.

Before breakfast was made, one child had gotten a time-out and was screaming, “Noooooo!” Sort of like a slow-mo movie moment, only with much more anger than anticipation. Another had gotten talked to about glaring at me and had just struck Josie.  Yet another had pooped their pants and was in the shower.  This was a potty-trained child!  I was sure that every part of this day was going to be a disaster.

By nap time the time-outs were continued with the above child, and the glares kept coming from the other, and yes…another shower from another poo.  There’s no way this day was getting any better.  I resolved to make a pumpkin pie and freeze it for Christmas dinner.  I didn’t have enough shortening to make all the crust I needed.  One pie would have to do.  It turned out to be the ugliest pie ever.  We ate it with dinner.

Do you ever just have a day that no matter what, nothing is enjoyable or smooth?  Maybe it’s just me.  Maybe it’s just how I view the circumstances that makes it worse.  Maybe some days are just hard.  What ever it is we all have them.  Whether you have kids or not, some days you just want a do-over.

I am so glad that God gives us a whole life do-over.  When I became a Christian ten years ago, that’s what I got.  A second chance.  His mercies are new every morning.  No worrying about Monday’s problems.  Soon Tuesday will come with a fresh outlook and happy hearts.

2 thoughts on “Mondays

  1. Bethany L. Johnson says:

    Hey, I’m sorry you had to go through all that. Last night was crazy for us too. We had one throwing up several times, and I too threw up twice, then the boys woke up not feeling good. We were all feeling better by the time we woke up, but was super duper tired, and sore from that night. At the end of the day we baked cookies to take to the neighbors. God is good.


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