a pirate’s life for him

I have been sitting on some important information here.  Andre, my oldest boy is six years old.  Six. I have no idea how this happens.  One minute their peeing in your face as you’re changing them as quick as possible, the next they’re in school and growing up faster than the weeds in the garden.  Oh, gee.  I am constantly feeling like I’m missing out on them.  I don’t like that.

This little boy decided he wanted a pirate party.  I tried to deliver, right down to the outfit.

I also employed the help of a new friend to make a special cake.

I watch too many cake shows.  I spent the whole day making it.  No, seriously, all day.  Then it was cut up in seconds, and eaten in two days.  This is all that remains.  A few pictures.  I’m just glad he liked it and appreciated the work.  He’s a pretty sweet guy.


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