natural remedies for strep?

Yesterday Isabel came down with what I guess as strep throat.  Fever, headache, throat so sore you can’t swallow anything.  In the past I have gone to the doctor just as quick as possible because, as you may know, nothing gets rid of strep but a long dose of antibiotics…or does it?  I decided to look online this morning for any kind of natural remedy for strep.  After sifting through a few sites, gleaning what I could from each, I made a crazy/risky choice.  I explained what would be done to miss Isa, and she agreed to try the method.

*I’d like to add here that I was very nervous to try this one.  I have read over and over about it and decided it was worth a shot, but if it wasn’t a miracle I would never try it again.

The result was INSTANT relief from ALL pain.  The method?  1/8 tsp cayenne pepper mixed with 8oz of warm water.  Gargle and spit.  Followed up with a warm salt water gargle, and a nice glass of regular water to drink.  I really couldn’t believe what happened.  She said it was spicy, but she gargle twice and that was it.  Andre and Olivia also followed suit for precautionary measures.  We shall repeat this for another day.  That’s a home run remedy if you ask me.

For more testimonials on this AMAZING all natural approach to relieving your sore throats click here.

One thought on “natural remedies for strep?

  1. Ashley says:

    Glad you found a remedy that wasn’t as traumatic as mine! I’m pretty sure Christa has treated strep before with colloidal silver…but I’m not sure about how much to give.


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